Polly Bond Awards 2018

Congratulations to the following entrants and their collaborators on their winning work, recognized at the Episcopal Communicators conference Kanuga on April 19, 2018.

General Excellence: Website

Award of Excellence: Charis Bhagianathan (ecfvp.org)

Award of Merit: Marilyn Gore (sjd.org)

Honorable Mention: Sarah Bartenstein (ststephensrva.org)

Honorable Mention: Patricia Hurley (trinitychurchboston.org)

General Excellence: Best Campaign

Award of Excellence: Jason Franklin (This Day Forward)

Award of Merit: Christian Carrera (Pathways Promotion)

Honorable Mention: Andrea Meier (This is your church)

General Excellence: Integrated Social Media Presence

Award of Excellence: Joshua Bruner (General Theological Seminary - Facebook)

Award of Merit: Kyle Oliver (Creative Commons Prayer)

Honorable Mention: Kris Vieira (Cathedral of the Incarnation - Instagram)

General Excellence: Best Print Periodical (Diocese/Organization)

Award of Excellence: Mike Orr (Colorado Episcopalian)

Award of Merit: Hannah Wilder (The Diocesan Messenger)

Honorable Mention: Sandy Wilson (Diocesan Magazine - Episcopal Diocese of Florida)

General Excellence: Best Print Periodical (Parish/Cathedral)

Award of Excellence: Jason Franklin (Ethos Journal)

Award of Merit: Kris Vieira (Cathedral of the Incarnation)

Honorable Mention: Sarah Bartenstein (Seasons of the Spirit)

General Excellence: Best Digital Periodical

Award of Excellence: Christian Carrera (For Faith)

Award of Merit: Charis Bhagianathan (Vestry Papers)

Honorable Mention: Maria Olson Goins (Mobile Optimized E-News)

Audio/Video: Long-Form

Award of Excellence: Josh Hornbeck (Faith in Action: Small Groups at Epiphany, Seattle)

Award of Merit: Craig Wirth (The History of the Laity - The Past 75 Years)

Honorable Mention: Denise Fillion (L.I. Episcopal Church Leaders Join March for Immigrant Rights)

Audio/Video: Short-Form Video (Contracted)

Award of Excellence: Mike Orr (Where do you call home?)

Award of Merit: Christian Carrera (Absalom Jones Center)

Honorable Mention: Jessica Rocha (#whatsyour200)

Audio/Video: Short-Form Video (In-House)

Award of Excellence: Jason Merritt (Interview with Minda Cox)

Award of Merit: Katie Forsyth (We Love, We Love Camp Chick)

Honorable Mention: Kevin Thompson (GO - Getting a Missional Community Up and Going)

Audio/Video: Podcast Episode

Award of Excellence: Beth Felice (Faith Being Tested, episode 6 of JesusHacked: Storytelling Faith)

Award of Merit: Kyle Oliver (Prayer Podcast -- Kristin Taylor on Breathwork and "what counts")

Honorable Mention: Kyle Oliver (Media and Social Change Podcast -- Teaching Torah on YouTube)

Writing: News

Award of Excellence: Kirk Peterson (Protracted Diocesan Lawsuits Over Church Property)

Award of Merit: Carol Barnwell (Episcopalians find and give grace in the Hurricane Harvey floodwaters)

Honorable Mention: Sharon Sheridan (Episcopalians join post-inauguration women's marches)

Writing: Feature

Award of Excellence: Christine McTaggart (What Do You Have? What Do You Need?)

Award of Merit: Summerlee Walter (Finest Kind)

Honorable Mention: Karen Mackey (Walking to Jerusalem with Christ Church, Covington)

Writing: Editorial/Commentary

Award of Excellence: Heidi Shott (Despair should serve as a wake-up call)

Award of Merit: David Skidmore (We have been here before)

Honorable Mention: Richelle Thompson (Broken)

Honorable Mention: Julie Murray (How about some good news)

Writing: Theological Reflection

Award of Excellence: Rachel Jones (Are We There Yet?)

Award of Merit: Katherine Branch (Bishop Wright's Address to the 111th Annual Council)

Honorable Mention: Heidi Shott (Called to Dinner, Together)

Visual Arts: Photography

Award of Excellence: Jane Roberts (In Bethlehem)

Award of Merit: Seth Reese (Easter Day Youth Verger)

Honorable Mention: Katherine Branch (Truth Teller)

Visual Arts: Graphic Design

Award of Excellence: Jessie Collins (Road of connection and service: Youth Summer Mission Trip)

Award of Merit: Liz Bartenstein (Advent and Christmas Mailer)

Honorable Mention: Liz Bartenstein (Children and Families Newsletter)

Honorable Mention: Jason Franklin (SummerDoc Film Series)

Honorable Mention: Mike Orr (ThanksLiving)

Honorable Mention: Sonja Slother (Bicentennial Logo)

Honorable Mention: Sonja Slother (Bicentennial Gala Invitation)

Visual Arts: Layout (Poster)

Award of Excellence: Jessi Collins (Music on the Hill)

Award of Merit: Jane Roberts (Longest Night)

Honorable Mention: Victoria Ludwin (Touch a Truck)

Honorable Mention: Seth Reese (Charlie Chaplin)

Visual Arts: Layout (Front Page)

Award of Excellence: Richelle Thompson (For the Beauty of the Earth)

Award of Merit: Richelle Thompson (Joy in Confession)

Honorable Mention: Bonnie Burgess (Pathways 2017 Cover)

Visual Arts: Layout (Spread)

Award of Excellence: Bonnie Burgess (Ghana Journal)

Award of Merit: Richelle Thompson (For the Beauty of the Earth)

Honorable Mention: Kris Vieira (A Year with The St. John Bible)

Marketing/Education/Outreach: Booklet

Award of Excellence: Leslie Hartley (Kanuga Magazine Summer 2017)

Award of Merit: Curt Ritter (RSVP Barriers)

Honorable Mention: Jessica Rocha (Bellwether Farm Children's Catalog)

Honorable Mention: Andrea Meier (Annual Report)

Marketing/Education/Outreach: Ad (Print/Web/Direct Mail)

Award of Excellence: Victoria Ludwin (Christmas Cheer is Here Tabletop Display)

Award of Merit: Jessie Collins (All the Roads Lead to Rome)

Honorable Mention: Charis Bhagianathan (Feeling Overwhelmed?)

Social Media: Facebook Post

Award of Excellence: Mike Orr (Where do you call home?)

Award of Merit: Bonnie Burgess (Absalom Jones Center For Racial Healing)

Honorable Mention: Halee Oliver (Defend the Dreamers)

Honorable Mention: Theo Lambert (Question of the Week: What secular song is like a hymn to you?)

Social Media: Instagram Post

Award of Excellence: Dan Murphy (Inflategate at the organ)

Award of Merit: Kris Vieira (A Snowy Preparation for Lessons & Carols)

Honorable Mention: Jessie Collins (Yoga on The Hill: All are welcome)

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