Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline to submit entries?

Friday, February 7, 2020, 11:59PM EST (inquiries must be received by 8:00 PM EST Friday)

Who can enter?

You must have been a member of Episcopal Communicators during the 2019 calendar year to submit entries.

How do I submit my entries?

Complete the online entry form and submit materials in one of these two formats:

  1. Electronic media: Provide a URL/link to the live or archived work.
  2. Uploaded PDF, Word, or image files via the submission form. 
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How many entries may I submit?

Each member may submit three entries in each category, with a maximum of ten entries total. Each entry carries its own fee.

What is the entry fee?

  • General Excellence: $30 per entry
  • Regular: $15 per entry

Do I have to submit all of my entries at once?

No. You may return to the form and submit at different times. A total of three entries per category and ten entries total will be judged.

Does everything I submit need to have been produced during 2019?


How do I name my entries?

  1. You will be asked to provide a title for each entry, which will be used to identify this entry to the judges, and on your certificate and in the awards presentation. This may be an article title, or the name of the campaign, or a summary title you come up with: Please just provide a concise, clear title to the work. 
  2. Please use this convention for the file names all your entries: OverallCategory_SpecificCategory_LastName_EntryNumber. For example, if Susie Smith is submitted two entries for feature photos and one for General Excellence: Best Website, her entries would be named:
  1. VisualArts_Photography_Smith_1
  2. VisualArts_Photography_Smith_2
  3. General Excellence_BestWebsite_Smith_1

Am I required to include data or statistical information (metrics) regarding my entries?

Although not required, metrics can be helpful to judges evaluating your work. If you have analytics, sales data, increased traffic, fundraising goals set and achieved, or other metrics, please consider including them to bolster your entry. If you are interested in including metrics information with your submission, please include a summary document with your entry/entries.

When will the awards be made?

Awards will be given during the banquet at #EpisComm19, the annual Episcopal Communicators conference, at the Curtis Hotel in Denver, Colorado, on Thursday, May 2. Results will be posted online shortly after the awards ceremony.

Do I have to attend the conference to submit entries?

No! Anyone who wants feedback on her or his work and wants to see how it stacks up against others in the Episcopal Church should consider entering. If you receive an award and aren’t present to accept it, we’ll mail it to you afterward.

How many awards will be given out?

Typically, each category will award one Award of Excellence (first place), one Award of Merit (second place) and one Honorable Mention (third place). Judges MAY give a tie award if they believe it is warranted, but that will not be the norm.

Note: There must be at least four entries for a category to be judged. If fewer than four, that category will not be judged and entry fees will be returned.

Who are the judges?

Judges are professionals with a variety of backgrounds. We strive to recruit judges who have an understanding of religious journalism and communications.

What kind of feedback will I receive?

Judges will be asked to submit a detailed comment sheet for every entry submitted. Those sheets will be available at the conference for those attending. They will be mailed to those unable to attend.

I’m really stuck and need someone to talk to about submitting entries. What do I do?

First, don’t wait until the deadline! Reach out as early as possible. Send an email to the Polly Bond help desk at Put the nature of your request in the subject line. Your message will be routed to a person who can help you with your specific questions, and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible. 

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