Showcase Categories:

All categories are open to parishes, dioceses, and organizations.

Video: Video content that you create or produce.

Audio/Podcast: Audio content that you create or produce.

Website: A website that you designed.

Periodical (digital or print): Periodicals regularly published (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual). Submit your favorite issue.

Writing - News/Feature: An article that reports on an event within or relevant to your organization. A human-interest piece on a particular event, person, or place relevant to your organization. 

Writing - Commentary/Editorial/Theological: An opinion on a topic; addressing a theme through interpretive writing; delivering a reaction to an event or topic relevant to your organization; an article-length reflection on personal experience or a broader current issue about the Christian faith. Each entry should connect human experience with the divine by interpreting scripture or interpreting one’s faith in daily life. Books are not accepted. 

Photography: Original photographs. 

Graphic Design: Images, icons, or logos designed by the communicator using image, text, colors, fades, and layers, including overall design for posters, advertisements, event branding, etc. Submissions can be either print or digital pieces.

Booklet: A multi-page publication that includes graphics, photographs, text, and other elements to achieve their goal. 

Advertisement: Advertisements may include graphics, photographs, text, and other elements to achieve their goal.  

Social Media: A Facebook or Instagram post.

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