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Social Media: Strategy (The Game of Life)

Before you post, share or tweet a single line, there’s one thing you have to create: a social media strategy that works for you. Learn how to put together a strategy that will guide your social media decisions and allow you to communicate effectively and consistently.

Presenter: Nancy Davidge, public affairs officer, The Episcopal Church

Social Media: Instagram (Picture This)

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and keeps diversifying its offerings to expand the way we use photography and video. This workshop will cover the basics of creating posts, hashtags, Stories, and IGTV as ways to tell our stories.

Presenter: Alli Huggins, digital communications associate, the Episcopal Church in Connecticut

Visual Identity Strategy and Best Practices (Guess Who)

Why is visual identity important? What graphic and design elements make your organization or “brand” memorable to your audience? In this workshop, learn how to create a visual identity strategy that will guide your design decisions, improve your recall value and creating a lasting impression.

Presenter: Mike Orr, director of communications, the Episcopal Church in Colorado

Reporting Basics (Whose Line Is It Anyway?)

In the era of media saturation, what qualifies as news and how do you present it in a way that shares all the facts and details while remaining relatable? Explore the foundations of good journalistic practice in this workshop.

Presenter: Lynette Wilson, reporter and managing editor, Episcopal News Service

Podcasting How-Tos (Let's Give Them Something to Talk About)

More than twice as many Americans listen to podcasts weekly as watch Sunday Night Football (routinely the highest-rated television program). This growing platform is a great opportunity to share stories, news, and reflections on what it means to be the Jesus Movement. Learn about crafting an engaging audio storyline and the basic technology for recording, editing, and sharing a podcast on popular platforms including iTunes and Spotify.

Presenter: The Rev. Benjamin Gildas, host of the “Priest Pulse” podcast and rector of Incarnation Holy Sacrament Episcopal Church in Drexel Hill, Penn.

Livestreaming How-Tos (The Network)

Live videos are a great way to give people up-close and personal access to your community and events. Come to this workshop to figure out what set-up will work best based on your context and budget.

Presenter: Jeremy Tackett, senior manager for creative services and digital evangelist in the Office of Communications, The Episcopal Church

Canva How-Tos (In Living Color)

Canva is an easy-to-use web-based graphic design program that can create anything from social media posts to magazines. And it’s free for non-profits! Get an introduction to the basic processes and explore the many possibilities for your design projects.

Presenter: Chris Sikkema, manager for special projects in the Office of Communications, The Episcopal Church

Infographics How-Tos (Pictionary)

A picture says a thousand words - and can take up a lot less space. Learn to consolidate statistics and details into attention-getting graphics that pep up your annual reports and presentations.

Presenter: The Rev. Christopher Corbin, missioner for transition and leadership ministries, the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota

InDesign Tips and Tricks: Am I doing this right? (The Front Page)

If you work with InDesign, you may ask yourself this question often. This robust desktop publishing tool from Adobe can create bulletins, magazines, and so much more. InDesign’s flexibility means there often are many ways to accomplish the same tasks. Even seasoned designers do things slightly differently than their peers—neither right, nor wrong. It’s all about your own workflow and preferences. Come to this workshop to pick up ideas for your own workflow and style; learn more about InDesign functionality, time-saving tips, and techniques to set your projects up for success. Be prepared to share your own workarounds and tips, too. This workshop is not a 101 session—it presumes existing knowledge and experience with InDesign or similar software.

Presenter: Jason Merritt, marketing director, Forward Movement

Illustrator Basics (Etch-a-Sketch)

Learn the basics of creating your own logos, graphics, cartoons and fonts using this vector graphics editing software from Adobe.

Presenter: Mitch Bolton, designer and illustrator in Colorado Springs

Cool Tech Gear for Every Budget (The Price is Right)

We all have different budgets and gear needs. This workshop will explore three different price points for the same types of equipment to help you evaluate what items are the best investments for your money.

Presenter: Jeremy Tackett, senior manager for creative services and digital evangelist in the Office of Communications, The Episcopal Church

The Way of Love (Put a Little Love in Your Heart)

Learn more about The Way of Love and how these practices for Jesus-centered life can be adapted for use by your congregation, network or parish. As we turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go and rest, we will share ideas and opportunities to take Episcopalians and others deeper into a rule of life.

Presenter: Chris Sikkema, manager for special projects in the Office of Communications, The Episcopal Church

Panel: Balancing Print and Digital (Sliding Doors)

The church is a multi-generational community and requires us to communicate in a variety of digital and physical media. This panel will discuss different ways they make decisions about what items go to print, and when to go paperless.

Facilitator: Meredith Kadet Sanderson, director of communications, the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York

Empowering Youth in Communications (The Kids are All Right)

Today’s youth have never known a world without Facebook. We’ll talk ways to channel their tech skills and perspectives on faith and community by incorporating them into our parish and diocesan social media strategies.

Presenter: Heidi Pitts, director of communications, the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon

Dioceses in Bishop Transitions (Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes)

A bishop who retires or resigns is a complex time for dioceses, with communications at the center of much that happens. This roundtable discussion is designed for those in the middle of a bishop transition at any level, as well as those who have recently completed the process, so people can share thoughts and offer ideas.

Facilitators: Nicole Krug, canon for media and communications, the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona; and Melodie Woerman, director of communications, the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas

Cyber Security – Email and Social Media (Spy vs. Spy)

Hacking, phishing, spoofing, fake accounts, spam of all kinds – the need for cyber security runs throughout the work many of us do. Find out how to identify what’s going on, how to mitigate it and how to help others do the same.

Presenters: Kerry Allman, internet strategist, the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia; and Gary Allman, communications director, the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri

Control Your Political Messaging (The West Wing)

You may not be C.J. Cregg, but you may find yourself managing political communications and policy advocacy. Participants will explore how to leverage “grass top” messaging of priests and bishops, through op-eds or statements, and how to manage expectations and pressures from individuals in a productive way. This workshop briefly will review how to prepare for immediate responses to unexpected events, and will include some historical examples of Episcopalians making positive stands in the public policy space.

Presenter: Alan Yarborough, communications coordinator in the Office of Government Relations, The Episcopal Church

Engage your Audience in Mission Beyond the Red Door (We are the World)

With constant news of natural disasters in the U.S. and politically driven humanitarian crises around the world, how do communicators engage members of their congregations and dioceses in the important work that lies beyond their doors? Leaders of organizations engaged in this ministry will share useful tools and resources. This workshop will help communicators provide opportunities for people to deepen their faith and take action on humanitarian issues facing people and communities worldwide.

Presenters: Malaika Kamunanwire, senior director of marketing and communications, Episcopal Relief & Development; and Heidi Shott, communications director, American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Let’s Get Retirement Ready (When I’m 64)

When will you retire – 5 years, 10 years, 25 years? No matter how close or far away you are to retirement, now is the time to make sure you’re on the track to being retirement ready. This hands-on workshop can help you plan for a more comfortable retirement by teaching you how to manage cash more effectively, balance risk and reward, and use interactive tools resources.

Presenter: Pattie Christensen, vice president of Education, Church Pension Group

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